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  • Surf and Adventure Surf Camp in Virginia Beach

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    Teaching people how to surf has always been a huge part of who we are at Surf and Adventure. Even before I was drafted to my first season here, I knew that Surf and Adventure lacked all of the elitism and snobbery that plagued the surf scene in Virginia Beach.  Sandbridge was a ‘safe’ place …

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  • Chica Surf Camp: Week 3

    Photos by Erika Mills. Words by John Streit. “I had too much fun at surf camp,” said nobody ever! All jokes aside, this STOKED group of Surf & Adventure Chica Surf Campers were throwing down some of the best soft-top rides of the season at Little Island Park last week, and the very talented Erika …

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  • Chica Surf Camp: Week 1

    Video & words by John Streit. Photos by Tommy Koehler. There’s always a special energy that surrounds our Chica Surf Camp, and its first week of the summer season proved to be no exception! It’s no secret that the surf can have a “macho” vibe from time to time; but this unique, girls-only camp looks to …

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  • Billabong Camps 2014: Week 3

    Video and words by John Streit. Photo by Shaun Devine. Though we had to dodge some raindrops and thunderclaps on the third and final day, our Week 3 Billabong Camps went off without a hitch! We had ample swell for all three days of camp and smooth seas for optimal learning conditions. As always, the …

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