​10’6” S&A SUP

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If you are looking for one board that can do it all at a high level, this is the one. Suitable for any weight.
This rental is $55 per day. For rentals between three and seven days the weekly charge is $150. Please choose the day and duration for your rental on the calendar below.

The 10’6”  S&A SUP is a great all-rounder developed for cruising, cross-training, and riding small waves. This is a board that will accommodate all types of paddlers. Boxy full rails and a generous outline which spans 32” in width means that just about anyone can ride this board without fear of tipping. It is incredibly stable which makes it a popular board for SUP school operators, yoga enthusiasts, and surfers who like to walk the board and nose ride. The relaxed rocker combined with a rolled bottom that runs into a single-to-double concave through the tail, strikes a balance between glide on flat water, and mobility on the waves. If you’re looking for one versatile board that will excel on all levels then the 10’6” S&A SUP is the obvious choice.

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