9’0″ Foam Top Surfboard

From: $27.00

A perfect board for any beginner surfer, the Gnaraloo Fatty provides good fun in all conditions.
This rental is $27 per day. For rentals between three and seven days, it is a weekly charge of $75. Please choose the day on the calendar you would like to rent and the duration.


Our “foam top” rental boards are designed for a beginner surfer with our beach’s waves in mind. All of our surfboards come with three fins (thruster set-up) and a leash. Please be mindful of the surfing ordinances posted at every beach access and always wear a leash.

These surfboards are durable but it is important to remember that all surfboards can be damaged more easily than most athletic equipment. To avoid damaging the surfboard do not stand on the board on land, do not stack other things on your surfboard, and avoid bumping the board into fences and railing as you walk to the beach. When the surfboard is not use, do not leave it in direct sunlight or in an unsecured location. You are responsible for maintaining the surfboard during the rental period.

You may receive your rental surfboard by either picking it up yourself at our location on Sandbridge Road or we can deliver to a rental home in Sandbridge at no charge. You must be staying at the property. Unfortunately, we are unable to deliver surfboards to beach accesses or parking lots.

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