Surf Lessons and Camps

There’s always been something that’s drawn you to the ocean, but not just to sit along the shore and relax in the sun. You want to be out there just past the sandbar, feeling the living pulse of the Atlantic. You want to feel the rush as the wave sends your board flying across the water’s surface. You want to pop up to your feet and experience the closest thing to walking on water. You want to surf. Surf & Adventure Co. offers several options that are sure to get you up and riding: three-day Billabong Camps, two- day Billabong Chica Camps (girls only), group surfing lessons or private, one-on- one lessons. Surf lessons and surf camps are at Little Island Park in South Sandbridge. Instruction takes place in the designated surf zone at the north side of the park.


Private Surf Lesson

Our private surf lesson provides two hours of one-on-one surf instruction from our expert instructors. Our private lessons are great for those just starting out surfing, as well as those who have been in the water for a while and are looking to learn new skills.

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Group Surf Lesson

Our group lessons maintain a one-to-four ratio to provide a fun environment for beginner surfers. At the end of our two hour lesson the average participant leaves with a knowledge of surfing fundamentals and a smile from ear to ear!

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Surf Camps

Billabong Chica Surf Camp

A girls-only two-day camp (five hours total). Same as our Billabong Camp, but no boys allowed! Billabong Camps shirt, goodie bag and pizza party at the shop included!

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3 Day Billabong Surf Camp

A three-day camp (7.5 hours total) led by S&A's expert instructors. Billabong Camps shirt, goodie bag and pizza party at the shop included!

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Waterman Camp

Surf & Adventure Co. is dedicated to developing a strong love and connection to the sea, no matter how one chooses to enjoy it. Another first for 2014, we're proud to offer our three-day Waterman Camps. Geared toward those ages 13 and up seeking a comprehensive water-sports experience, this camp is designed to cultivate a deeper understanding of the surf zone and an appreciation for the many forms of wave riding. This camp is perfect for anyone who already participates in any one of these activities and wants to expand their horizons, or anyone who loves the ocean and wants to become well-versed in the many ways to enjoy its energy. * This is a physically demanding camp recommended for physically-fit participants.

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